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Dating As A Single Mom

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Dating when you have a child complicates things, but it doesn’t stop you from dating altogether. For single parents, help can actually come from dating because having a partner to share worries and burdens with alleviates stress. It’s true that there are men out there who won’t want to date a single mother, but there are just as many men who are single fathers themselves or who are open to dating a single mother. Your child will always come first and this is something all prospective boyfriends need to understand.

Single parents help each other out where they can, so ask some of your acquaintances if they don’t know someone that they think you’ll hit it off with. Meeting somebody through a mutual friend can take a lot of pressure off and you won’t have to worry if they’re for real or what their intentions are. If you know any single dads, this is even better since they’ll understand your situation and they’re likely looking for somebody to date as well. Two single parents who are dating will understand each other well and if they should get married, it will be a very happy and loving household.

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If you don’t know anybody you’re interested in, you could try online dating. The best way to spare yourself disappointment is by making it clear from the get go that you have a child so that anybody who isn’t up for that doesn’t waste your time and you don’t waste theirs. You might be tempted to leave it out since you might think they’ll come around once they get to know you and your child, but this will only lead to trouble and resentment later on. If a man isn’t willing to be with a woman who has a child, he’s not the man for you.